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Hi, I'm Jenny

Functional Medicine Practitioner

I began practicing in 1993, after graduating from Wits University with a B.Sc. (Physio). I have run my own successful Physiotherapy practices in  primary care, corporate wellbeing and occupational health for more than 20 years.

I have always had a passion for functional medicine which is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of pain, discomfort or dis-ease. I am obsessed with helping my patients live pain free and optimally healthy lives. As an accredited Functional Medicine Practitioner I take a complete body systems view of every patient and can customise and individualise treatment.

Our Physiotherapy Services

A Functional Medicine solution to chronic disease 

I personally battled chronic fatigue for over 10 years, so I completely understand the impact it has on you and your family. I remember being so tired that I would struggle just to keep my eyes open while I was working. If I had a gap during the day I would need to lie down to get some sleep. When I got home I’d have to lay down again, and sometimes only wake up later in the evening. I was missing out on time with my family. I knew that traditional medicine didn’t have the answers I was looking for. Then I found functional medicine. We were able to find the root cause of my issues and put a customized plan together so I could heal my body. It’s been an amazing journey since then. I continue to get better and better. I can finally go to the gym, go for runs, and be with family again. It’s been life changing! I’d love to help you feel this way too!

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Functional Health Services 

We know that lifestyle change may sound simple but we also know that simple and easy are not the same thing. This is why we use a programme approach and not a more traditional consult to consult approach. Our multi-disciplinary team are there to work with you, where you are, and with your individual needs and preferences. Our unique technology platforms allow us to create both time and cost efficiencies, giving you the best possible chance at success. 

Rehab Right 

Correctly prescribed rehabilitation programmes post surgery or injury, dramatically improve long term outcomes. Our approach includes manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and health coaching and uses state of the art technology maximising time and cost benefits.

Health Coaching 

Do you want to manage an existing health condition, or he risk factors for chronic illness, lose weight safely and keep it off, get more active, manage the stress in your life or achieve a sporting goal. We have a solution for you. A lifestyle management programme with proven results.

Metabolic Makeover

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ("CFS"), Metabolic Syndrome ("MetS"), Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes are all examples of Metabolic Disease. Our Functional Medicine programme, gets to the root causes using cutting edge diagnostics, health coaching, community support and industry leading technology to design a personalised nutrition and lifestyle intervention plan.

Smart Weigh 

Ever feel like you're stuck in a weight-loss war zone? Endless diets, grueling workouts, mountains of pills... only to hear the same old "eat less, move more" from professionals who seem baffled by your struggle. But what if the problem wasn't you? What if the key to unlocking your health lies hidden within your own unique biocode?

Contact Me

Health-Worx Medical Centre, B200, Cresta Shopping Centre, Weltevreden Rd, Cresta, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Tel : 011 731 1027

WhatsApp : +27 71 302 3300

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Manual Therapy Schedule

Monday-Friday : 08h00-17h00
Saturdays: 08h00 - 12h00
Public Holidays: Please check for availability

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