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Lifestyle Management Programmes

The global pandemic created by the novel Coronavirus and the disease it created (COVID-19)  has left us counting the cost of 30 years of UNDER-PREVENTION. Co-morbidities now leave millions of people vulnerable to becoming either seriously ill or dying if they become infected. 

Metabolic Syndrome / Diabetes / Weight Control

Do you have?


  • Elevated blood sugar or blood pressure?

  • Increased waist circumference?

  • Elevated insulin or insulin resistance levels?

  • Low physical activity levels?

  • Abnormal blood fat levels?

  • Diabetes?


And….do you struggle to lose weight as a result of these issues?

The above issues all point to the possibility that you may have Metabolic Syndrome or related disorders, which puts your overall well-being at risk. Metabolic Syndrome is a complex range of interrelated risk factors for the development of cardiovascular and metabolic disease as well as significantly increasing the risk presented by COVID-19 infection.

Cardiovascular Disease

Do you have?


  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or triglycerides?

  • Has your doctor told you that you have cardio-arterial disease (any condition that affects the heart and blood vessel system of the body)?

  • Have you had any cardio-vascular event or surgery within the last 2 years? f the answer to any of these is yes we offer a medically directed lifestyle modification programme.

Health Coaching 

Did you know?

  • 9 out of 10 people who begin an exercise or weight loss programme, FAIL to achieve the goals they set for themselves!

  •  Only 49% of people who start a weight loss programme actually lose any weight at all, even if they follow the programme to the letter.

  • So how about something totally new… How about focusing on the proven health benefits of exercise and let the aesthetics come along as a result of a making exercise part of your life.

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