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Technology enabled always patient centric

"Massive strides in technology has allowed us to create a digital “Ecosystem” with YOU our patient at the centre. Our 5 step process is designed to maximise quality of care at the best cost. 
Step 1. Assess


When you first come and see us, your therapist will use a range of assessments and investigations to start looking at the root causes of the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. This will also be important to build the correct treatment plan

Step 2. Connect


You will be connected to our digital “Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem” and allocated a care-coordinator right from the start. This allows us to track and monitor progress, keep your Doctor or other healthcare professionals informed and reduce cost and time constraints.

Step 3. Treatment plan 

Your therapist will design your treatment plan based on their diagnosis, and the data from the assessments and your care coordinator will discuss it with you. You have the right to know what your treatment will involve, how much it will cost and what options you have to fit your own financial or time realities

Step 5 - Chronic Disease Management 


We know that a lack of physical activity and poor lifestyle choices, together with a toxic environment are the causes  80% of ALL deaths so In conjunction with your treatment plan we can deliver comprehensive,  Lifestyle Modification programmes to reduce your chronic disease risk or either reverse or manage your current chronic condition

Step 4.  Coach / Support  


Lifestyle Modification needs professional support Health Coach to guide you through the programme. Our partners provide medically directed health coaching. Our coaches are trained very specifically in behavior modification skills.